We are a growing group of inspired individuals encompassing a wide variety of skill sets, with a common vision for community engagement and neighborhood beautification.   We are artists, landscape designers, water conservationists, habitat architects and enthusiastic program developers and fundraisers. We are making our communities better using reclaimed materials, recycling, and doing educational outreach. Every Tuesday night we come together to learn and progress in new skill sets in an incredible skills share. We are learning to weld, practicing under the expert tutelage available at American Steel Studios. We are learning about plants, pollinators, and gardening from the green house and nursery teams, about living walls and urban green spaces, about pollinators and their struggles and importance in cities, about storm drain issues, runoff, water ways and catch water systems, about solar power and its strengths and weaknesses and best use in our setting. About community building, and the power of groups to creatively address issues of dumping, graffiti, air and soil quality, and the power that each of us has to contribute to change. Most of all, this night is FUN! We get to play, laugh, share and grow together. This rapidly growing team has won our hearts, and we welcome you to come join! There are a million ways to be involved, dates and times are flexible, but Tuesday’s are when we come together and get to play.